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Public Attributes

DclockPart Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

Boolean alarm
Boolean alarm_persist
String alarm_time
String alarmfile
float angle
String audioplay
GC backGC
Pixel background
Boolean bell
String bellfile
Boolean blink
Pixmap colon [2]
String date_fmt
Boolean dateup
float digit_h
Pixmap digit_one [2]
float digit_w
Pixmap digits [10]
Boolean display_time
Boolean fade
int fade_rate
XFontStruct * font
GC foreGC
Pixel foreground
Boolean holdoff
XtIntervalId interval_id
Pixel led_off
Boolean miltime
XtIntervalId punt_resize
Boolean scroll
float sec_gap
Boolean seconds
float small_ratio
float space_factor
Boolean tails
Pixmap tiny_digits [10]
Boolean utc
float width_factor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file DclockP.h.

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