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 * Dclock.c -- a digital clock widget.
 * Copyright (c) 1988 Dan Heller <argv@sun.com>
#ifndef _XtDclockP_h
#define _XtDclockP_h

#include <X11/CoreP.h>
#include "Dclock.h"

/* Add -DXFT_SUPPORT in the Imakefile for freefont support */
#include <X11/Xft/Xft.h>

typedef struct {
    Pixel               foreground;
    Pixel               led_off;
    Pixel               background;
    Boolean       tails;            /* put tails on 6 & 9 */
    Boolean       scroll;
    Boolean       fade;
    int                 fade_rate;  /* millisec. betw. fade steps */
    float         angle;            /* rise over run */
    float         width_factor;   /* ratio of digit to segment width */
    float         small_ratio;      /* ratio of small to large digits */
    float         sec_gap;    /* gap between normal digits and
                                 seconds, as ratio to digit width */
    float         space_factor;   /* ratio of digit width to border sp.*/
    Boolean       seconds;
    Boolean       blink;            /* colon blinks the seconds */
    Boolean       bell;
    Boolean       miltime;
    Boolean       utc;
    Boolean       display_time;     /* when false, display alarm time */
    Boolean       alarm;            /* alarm goes off at alarm time */
    String        alarm_time; /* time alarm goes off "14:30:00" */
    Boolean       alarm_persist;  /* stays in reverse vid after alarm */
    String        date_fmt;
    Boolean       dateup;
    String        alarmfile;  /* audio file to play for alarm */
    String        bellfile;   /* audio file to play for hour bell */
    String        audioplay;  /* executable to use to play bell */
    XFontStruct         *font;

    String        xftfontname;
    XftFont       *xftfont;
    XftDraw       *xftdraw;
    XftColor            xftbg;
    XftColor            xftfg;

    /* non-resources (e.g. user can't set) */
    XtIntervalId  interval_id;
    XtIntervalId  punt_resize;
    GC                  foreGC, backGC;
    float         digit_w, digit_h;
    Pixmap        digit_one[2];     /* "1" or blank, for civilian time */
    Pixmap        digits[10];
    Pixmap        tiny_digits[10];
    Pixmap        colon[2];
    Boolean       holdoff;    /* Resize/Expose holdoff */
} DclockPart;

typedef struct _DclockRec {
    CorePart      core;
    DclockPart    dclock;
} DclockRec;

typedef struct {int dummy;} DclockClassPart;

typedef struct _DclockClassRec {
    CoreClassPart core_class;
    DclockClassPart     dclock_class;
} DclockClassRec;

extern DclockClassRec dclockClassRec;

#endif /* _XtDclockP_h */

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